Pre-Order Bloc Star Evolution! 17 new X-Raided tracks featuring our diverse roster of up-and-coming artists!


1. Solomon’s Prayer (feat. JRome)

2. Valuable Lessons

3. Bloc Star Everything (feat. Stackz
     Tha Rapper)

4. On the Grind (feat. Mistah Rain)

5. Iceman (feat. Venezi, Duccie)

6. Da Yeti (feat. Nevaseen)

7. Graves Get Dug (feat. Trizz)

8. I Don’t Think They Ready (feat. The Bird)

9. Losing’s Not an Option (feat. Venezi,
     The Bird)

10. Ars Magna (feat. The Bird)

11. Let it Breathe (feat. Jaye of Troy)

12. Perpin’ (feat. Macntaj, Duccie)

13. Ridin Thru tha City (feat. Venezi)

14. Bussit Open (feat. Youngin Floe)

15. Broken Frames (feat. Vaughn Fontana)

16. Reflections (feat. The Bird, Venezi,
       Vaughn Fontana)

17. Why Discuss it Now (feat. Heem)



X-Raided - "Bloc Star Evolution"

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