X-Raided became a West Coast Hip-hop legend by making some of the most alarming rap music the genre ever produced, including the classic album X-orcist on which he introduced his cousin Luni Coleone. They have recorded popular songs together, such as Wanna Get High, Witta Mask On and Family. After the alley-oop from X, Luni became a legend in his own right, releasing the popular songs All I Wanna Do and Thug Sh*t.

Family Matters is the first collaborative album from the two legendary rappers. Prepare yourself for eleven tracks of fire from two of the best to ever do it.


Produced by L-Finguz, Venezi Bloc Star and VerbBoutThat. Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Venezi Bloc Star at Bloc Star Evolution, Henderson, NV. 

X-Raided & Luni Coleone - Family Matters USB Flash Drive

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